52 min  format:  Betacam SP
Scen. Reż . Dorota Latour
Aktorzy: Jerzy Trela, Monika Rasiewicz, Jerzy Stuhr
Produkcja Video Record  dla TVP S.A. 2 Program, 1992 r.

A psychiatrist ,as perhaps no one else, has a possibility to learn about human nature.

Discovering it he or she  can also  learn about his or her own nature. It is, perhaps, one of the most important decisions whether the psychiatrist wants to perceive a patient as a strange product of human nature or as a reflection of own unconscious experiences , so tragically exaggerated in the patient’s  world.

Hundreds of concrete descriptions of fears, melancholy, anxieties.

All this makes up an unusual history of the contemporary man.